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Morning's Mirror
By Gary Soto

Meditation July/August 1999

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I canít decide whether itís my socks
That go on first, or my pants, indecision
On the edge of my bed. Should I brush my teeth, then shave,
Or shave first, then rinse my mouth of a nightís swollen journey.
I know that my eyes must first open to be awake,
And each clumsy step toward the kitchen
Leads me to the same bowl and coffee cup.
I look ahead. The boarded-up century sweeps the dust
Of previous minutes, my time on earth.
God, savior in a bright robe, tell us what to do,
Provide order, make it simple as sock or pants,
As certain as the old face I see in morningís new mirror.

Gary Soto is the recipient of the 1999 Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature and the 1999 Human and Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association.

Reprinted from PRAYERS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, Blessings and Expressions of Hope for the New Millennium, edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon, (editors of Earth Prayers), HarperSanFrancisco, 1999.

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