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RACISM / by Tom Stites
The UUA's Antiracism Resources


etween 1987 and 1999, about 230 congregations attended the Creating a Jubilee World antiracism workshops developed by the UUA's Black Concerns Working Group, now called the Jubilee Working Group, says Susan Leslie, associate director of the Faith in Action Department (FIA). This year, FIA will offer several new workshops for congregations wishing to follow up on Creating a Jubilee World, including Introduction to Building a Transformation Team; Introduction to Antiracism for People of Color (designed and led by members of Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries, or DRUUM); and Jubilee II.

For information about Creating a Jubilee World and new workshops, contact the Faith in Action Department at (617) 948-4265.

The UUA also has printed materials for congregations who wish to work on racial justice issues, including curricula for children and adults, reading lists, pamphlets, periodicals like the Faith in Action Newsletter, and a congregational antiracism assessment form. Using these resources and others, congregations have created their own workshops, classes, discussions, and worship services. Contact the Faith in Action Department at (617) 948-4265, or visit the department's Web site.

The JTW Path to Antiracism Information Packet, available from the Faith in Action Department, lists books, films, and educational resources for children and adults. Two books that FIA staff particularly recommend for people starting to think about antiracism are Uprooting Racism by Paul Kival (New Society Publishers, 1996; available from the UUA Bookstore at (800) 215-9076) and A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (HarperPerennial, revised and updated in 1995).

Those wishing to learn more about white privilege may want to subscribe to the quarterly newsletter Birthrights, published by UU Ian White Maher and available for $10 per year from P.O. Box 1446, Somerville, MA 02144; (617) 742-2100 ext. 456;

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