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 Cover, September/October 2002 UU World: Liberal Campus Revival


Liberal Evangelists on Campus
COVER STORY College students share Unitarian Universalism by forming dynamic worship groups on campuses across North America. /BY NEIL SHISTER

Work Camp
Building a playground for a town of migrant farmworkers transforms a world of preconceptions for young volunteers. /BY HEATHER ROBB

Taking Justice to the Community
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee's work camps put UUs face-to-face with the needs of underserved communities. /BY KIMBERLY FRENCH

Delegates Take a Global View
The UUA's General Assembly meets in Québec as congregations tackle the spiritual and ethical challenges of globalization. /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON


Commentary. Against vengeance, work for peace. /BY REBECCA PARKER
Wayside Pulpit. Education. /BY JOHN DEWEY
Scripture. Associates. /ANALECTS OF CONFUCIUS
Creations. Loggerhead. /BY NAZA
Encounter. Hungry for transformation. /BY VICTORIA SAFFORD
Affirmation. To live simply. /BY WILLIAM HENRY CHANNING
Creations. Dry summer. /BY LINDA HORVAY BARNES
Poem. Because we spill not only milk. /BY NANCY SHAFFER
Essay. What love is. /BY BRENDAN HALPIN
Inside Out. Cartoon. /BY CHARLES BARSOTTI
Heritage. The great horizon. /BY CLARENCE R. SKINNER


Opening Words. Autumn alert. /BY ROBERT R. WALSH
From the Editor in Chief. Letters for readers. /BY TOM STITES
Our Calling. Open the door. /BY PRESIDENT WILLIAM G. SINKFORD
Letters. Cincinnati's racial reconciliation and other matters. /BY OUR READERS
Bookshelf. A world tour of Unitarian Universalism. /BY ROSEMARY BRAY McNATT
Congregational Life. Successful youth groups. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Spiritual Landmark. The Unitarian Church of Evanston, Illinois.
What in the World? Discussion questions. /BY JANE GREER
Looking Back. P.T. Barnum: The greatest faith on earth. /BY HANK PEIRCE


Social Justice.
       Ministers lobby for environmental change
       Valora Washington leaves UUSC
       UUA joins others to promote socially responsible investing

UU Trend. More pursue ways to spread the UU word. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Public Advocacy. From the Washington Office. /BY ROB CAVENAUGH
       Cambridge church supports Afghan reconstruction
       UUJEC leaders meet Mexican justice groups

Public Witness. UU voices gain in public arena. /BY JANE GREER
In the Congregations.
       Justice fund honors Gilberts
       Forum explores nuclear power, global warming
       Oregon UUs fuel organizing effort by interfaith group
       Comedy club buys UU church building

Awards and Commendations.
       Youth advisor and 'shameless agitator' honored
       Belcher Award: James Carroll
       Stanfield/D'Orlando scholarships
       Awards at the General Assembly

Milestones. Memorial fund for Rev. Cary Kauffman
Religion News. Religious oppressions challenged /BY JOHN A. RAKESTRAW JR.

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 Contents: UU World September/October 2002
UU World XVI:5 (September/October 2002)

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