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UUs and the Military
COVER STORY Many Unitarian Universalists opposed the recent war in Iraq yet supported our troops fighting it. How have UUs dealt with the issues of war and peace over the years? /BY NEIL SHISTER

SIDEBAR A Unitarian Universalist journalist reports from the Iraqi battlefield. /BY DAVID ZUCCHINO
SIDEBAR Joys and Concerns of a military spouse. /BY KAY MEYER

Creating Family Rituals
In this age of crowded calendars and hurried meals, families can still make time for meaningful interactions by creating their own rituals. /BY MEG COX

Seeing God as Process
Philosopher and theologian Charles Hartshorne saw the universe and God as a benevolent and dynamic whole composed of interconnected processes. Is the world really made up of "evanescent events" rather than "enduring substances"? /BY GARY KOWALSKI


Commentary. Why bother with the Bible?/BY JOHN BUEHRENS
Creations. Family resemblance. /BY CARL GOMBERT
Scripture. True piety. /BY GURU GRANTH SAHIB
Encounter. Smashing things. /BY MEG BARNHOUSE
Advice. How to convert. /DANIEL Ó CONNELL
Heritage. Holiness and happiness. /THE WINCHESTER PROFESSION
Inside out. Cartoon. /BY CHARLES BARSOTTI


Opening Words. The paradox of faith. /BY ALFRED NORTH WHITEHEAD
From the Editor. Explorations of theology. /BY TOM STITES
Our Calling. Family values for diverse families. /BY PRESIDENT WILLIAM G. SINKFORD
Letters. Distribution of wealth Rediscovering home Religious language /BY OUR READERS
Bookshelf. Forgiving the unthinkable. /BY ROSEMARY BRAY MCNATT
Congregational Life. Sharing the plate with a good cause. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Spiritual Landmark. The First Unitarian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
What in the World? Discussion topics on UU World articles. /BY JANE GREER
Looking Back Utopian advocate of nonresistance /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON


UUA News.
     UUs support inclusive public prayer service /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
     New manifesto for humanists 3rd in 70 years /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON
UU Trend. Unitarian Universalism grows under Sinkford's watchful eye /BY ALEX POINSETT Political Action. Churches organize special services for civil liberties /BY ROB CAVENAUGH
Social Witness. Nashville UUs focus on race
In the Congregations.
     New interfaith sculpture for Okla. church
     Antiabortion protests disrupts Sunday service
Welcoming Denomination. Navigators group offers alternative to Scouting
UUs in the News.
     UU minister uses drama as medium for ministry
     Meadville Lombard board elects Barker as its next president
UUA. Clergy encourage bridge building in war's aftermath
CUC. Same-sex marriage wins growing Canadian support
Religion News. America's religious profile
Milestones. Obituaries for Anne R. Buehler, Clifton G. Hoffman, Carol L. Jackson.

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