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by Kenneth Sutton

To submit your book for this column, send a copy along with information about how to order it and your UU affiliation to UU World, 25 Beacon St., Boston MA 02108. Due to volume, we cannot include every title and cannot return books. Preference will be given to books of general interest; self-published titles will be included selectively.

Little People: Learning to See the World through My Daughter's Eyes. By Dan Kennedy. Rodale, 2003 ; $24.95. Joining a journalist's objectivity with a father's love, Dan Kennedy offers a glimpse into the reality of dwarfism. Drawing upon his own family life, medical and historical research, and interviews, Kennedy introduces the reader to individuals with dwarfism and raises complex ethical questions about the role of difference in human life. Kennedy, senior writer for the Boston Phoenix, is a member of the Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church in Danvers, Massachusetts.

The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self. By William Westney. Amadeus Press, 2003; $24.95 . The author, a concert pianist, aims to help music students recover the joy and enthusiasm with which young children approach music. A member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Lubbock, Texas, Westney is a professor of piano and artist in residence at Texas Tech University.

Beyond the Collection Plate: Overcoming Obstacles to Faithful Giving. By Michael Durall. Abingdon Press, 2003 ; $16. The author, a church stewardship consultant, is a member of the First Church in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Our Covenant: The Lay and Liberal Doctrine of the Church: The Spirit and Promise of Our Covenant. By Alice Blair Wesley. Meadville Lombard Press, 2002 ; $12.95. Available from the UUA Bookstore ( 800-215-9076 ). The Rev. Alice Blair Wesley delivered these six Minns lectures in the 2000 2001 church year on the origins and varying practices of the covenantal basis for Unitarian Universalist congregational polity.

Kenneth Sutton is manuscript editor of UU World.

 Contents: UU World Back Issue
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