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Editor   Tom Stites
Senior Editor   Christopher L. Walton
Managing Editor   Jane Greer
Manuscript Editor   Kenneth Sutton
Contributing Editors   Olivia Holmes
Rosemary Bray McNatt
Warren Ross
Donald E. Skinner
Contributors   Charles Barsotti
John A. Rakestraw Jr.
Editorial Assistants   Teresa Schwartz
Sonja L. Cohen

For Our Readers

UU World welcomes letters to the editor and suggestions from readers at 25 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02108-2803;; (617) 948-6518, or (617) 742-7025 (fax).

Unsolicited manuscripts and artwork cannot be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope of sufficient size with sufficient return postage. Writer's guidelines.

Subscription correspondence should be sent to UU World Circulation, 25 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02108-28103; (617) 948-4611 or (617) 725-8886 (fax). For change of address: Please mail us the mailing label from your latest issue along with your new address.

Subscriptions: In the US, $21 for one year, $40 for two years, $58 for three years. In Canada and other countries, US$30 a year. Subscribe on-line. Single copies are $4.50. Make checks payable to UU World and mail to Lock Box #845971, Boston MA 02284-5971.

UU World on tape is available at no charge to people with eyesight impairments. Contact Rachael Brown, 25 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02108-2803, (617) 948-6454.

Contact the Unitarian Universalist Association: (617) 742-2100.

For Our Advertisers

Contact Kathy Todd for rates, deadlines, and specifications: UU World, 25 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02108-2803; (617) 948-6502; (617) 742-7025 (fax).

Publisher   Tom Stites
Advertising Representative   Douglas Jones
Bayard, Oot, Jones & Associates
(203) 259-1232
Advertising Coordinator   Kathy Todd
(617) 948-6502
Consultant   Jesse Iverson

Advertisements do not carry the endorsement of the Unitarian Universalist Association unless UUA sponsorship is made explicit. UU World reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

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