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Giving workers time off to cast their ballots

According to the newly formed organization Time to Vote, registered voters cite a lack of time as the primary reason for not voting. Although thirty states have laws requiring that employers give employees some degree of flexibility on election day, most people either don't know this or don't take advantage of it.

Together with other religious partners in the Faithful Democracy coalition (see www.FaithfulDemocracy.org), the Unitarian Universalist Association has partnered with Time to Vote to provide resources for congregations and individuals interested in increasing voter participation. In the thirty states that already have flexibility laws, the focus will be on educating the public and encouraging major employers to make their flexibility policies known. In the other states, the focus will be on encouraging major employers to give flexibility voluntarily.

What you can do

What are the laws in your state? Find out at www.timetovote.net.

What are the policies of your employer? Consider educating your colleagues and/or advocating for policy changes.

For an extensive collection of resources on how your congregation can do effective voter registration, education, poll monitoring, and/or advocacy, see www.uua.org/voting, or contact the UUA's voting campaign coordinator at voting@uua.org; (202) 296-4672 x 22.

E-mail action alerts

Sign up for regular e-mail action alerts to learn about the UUA's advocacy efforts and find resources for getting involved. Visit www.uua.org/uuawo for more information.

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 Contents: UU World Back Issue
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