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Support needed for 2003 Voter Confidence Act

by Meg Riley

The General Assembly in June approved an Action of Immediate Witness that endorses the proposed Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2003 . The bill would require electronic voting systems to produce a paper ballot for the voter to verify and place in a secure box for later auditing. The bill would also mandate accessibility for persons with disabilities and ban electronic voting systems that use wireless technology.

Enacting the bill would remove a threat to the validity of elections that could undermine citizen confidence in our democracy.

What you can do
Establish a group in your church or a group of churches that will take responsibility for intense witness for the next two months. Lobby members of Congress from your state who are not yet cosponsors of the bill. Hold informational meetings for your congregation and others that include letter writing and petition signing. Find organizations to join in the effort at www.verifiedvoting.org or e-mail pam@verifiedvoting.org.

For the full text of the Action of Immediate Witness and for more information about getting involved, including how to find out whether your senators and representatives are cosponsors of the bill, see Unitarian Universalists for Verified Voting at www.uuvv.org. For the texts of all social witness resolutions approved by the 2004 General Assembly, go to www.uua.org/csw.

E-mail action alerts
Sign up for regular e-mail action alerts to learn about the UUA's advocacy efforts and to find resources for getting involved. For more information, visit www.uua.org/uuawo.

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