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Jane RzepkaJane Rzepka

The Rev. Dr. Jane Rzepka served as senior minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship from 1999 to 2010. She is the author of A Small Heaven: Meditations and co-author of Thematic Preaching: An Introduction. Her latest book is From Zip Lines to Hosaphones: Dispatches from the Search for Truth and Meaning (Skinner House, 2011).


'Let every heart prepare him room'
We are, each of us, still filled with the same promise as a newborn baby.
By Jane Rzepka 12.22.14

In hopes of traveling light
Some people seek balance and stability, but I like to be off-kilter.
By Jane Rzepka 9.8.14

Fellowship days
I remember the truth and the love and the social justice, but also the cartwheels and the donuts.
By Jane Rzepka 3.24.14

How Unitarian Universalists break the rules
Rule breaking just might be right up our alley.
By Jane Rzepka 9.26.11

Shopping for God
However people first come to a Unitarian Universalist church, their questions often include something about god.
By Jane Rzepka 9.12.11

Love, freedom, and wonder
Recalling a childhood in a Unitarian Universalist fellowship.
By Jane Rzepka 5.30.11

Skeptical of sacred stories?
Each of us must decide the personal meaning of the Passover and Easter stories.
By Jane Rzepka 4.10.06

Childhood memories of a Unitarian fellowship
This was what church was all about: the cartwheels, the parade, the presents for poor people, the stinky lady.
By Jane Rzepka 11.1.02