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Peter BowdenPeter Bowden

Peter Bowden, a freelance congregational growth consultant and media producer, hosts the UU Growth Lab. His website is The UU Growth Blog.


GA clean energy rally draws attention from EPA
By Peter Bowden 6.25.13

Learning from Meadville Lombard's move
By Peter Bowden 6.23.13

Video: Environmental justice bus tour
By Peter Bowden 6.20.13

Morales: Justice GA 'like a dream come true'
By Peter Bowden 6.27.12

Video: How 'Standing on the Side of Love' was born
By Peter Bowden 6.26.12

Video: UUs arrive for 'Tent City' vigil
By Peter Bowden 6.24.12

Latino community prepares for Court SB 1070 ruling
By Peter Bowden 6.24.12

Takahashi Morris: 'Tent City' and internment camps
By Peter Bowden 6.24.12

Social media, 'the heretic's tool'
'If we do not embrace social media we're essentially putting a nail in our own coffin.'
By Peter Bowden 6.27.11