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Richard HigginsRichard Higgins

Writer and editor Richard Higgins has written for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Christian Century, and Smithsonian magazines and contributed commentaries to National Public Radio. Higgins is co-author of Portfolio Life (Wiley, 2007) and co-editor of Taking Faith Seriously (Harvard, 2005). He is a member of the First Parish in Concord, Massachusetts.


Farewell, 25 Beacon Street?
As the UUA looks for a more modern headquarters, Unitarian Universalists reflect on the symbolic meaning of its perch on Boston’s Beacon Hill.
By Richard Higgins 3.11.13

Three in a thousand identify as Unitarians
A new survey estimates that 0.3 percent of American adults identify as Unitarians. That's not very many—but it's a lot more than belong to our churches.
By Richard Higgins 6.2.08

Unitarian minister's TV special celebrates 'American Creed'
Hallmark Channel features Forrest Church's primer on America's founding ideals.
By Richard Higgins 6.23.06

The wellspring of American nature writing
'Walden' remains uncannily 'addressed to our condition exactly,' 150 years after its publication.
By Richard Higgins 7.1.04

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Unitarian legacy
What do we see in the legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'the most recognized and revered figure in the Unitarian movement'? His 200th birthday makes this a good time to ask.
By Richard Higgins 5.1.03