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You can’t pretend to show up
Where would Dr. King ask us to show up if he were alive today?
By Peter Morales 3.1.15

Tough times
We progressives are prone to believing progress is a lot easier than it is.
By Peter Morales 11.10.14

Changing hearts, not just opinions
We must speak truth to power. But more importantly, we must persuade the frightened and uninformed.
By Peter Morales 8.15.14

Opportunities are always there
Thriving congregations have leaders who seize the opportunities before them.
By Peter Morales 6.23.14

Our house, unequally divided
Inequality has reached such toxic levels that it corrupts our relationships and threatens our democracy.
By Peter Morales 4.7.14

One simple, transformative practice
A search for connection is at the heart of all spiritual traditions and practices.
By Peter Morales 1.20.14

Belief is the enemy of faith
A new interfaith, multifaith spirituality is struggling to be born.
By Peter Morales 9.16.13

Trust the dawning future
Leaving Beacon Hill for a modern headquarters is a huge move for the UUA.
By Peter Morales 5.15.13

What Unitarian Universalists want
Unitarian Universalists share a profound sense of what we cherish and what we want to become.
By Peter Morales 5.6.13

Engaging the 'nones'
The fastest growing religious group in America claims no religious connection.
By Peter Morales 11.1.12

Hand in hand, Fall 2012
To create deep and enduring relationships, our love must develop into mutual trust.
By Peter Morales 10.15.12

Hand in hand, Summer 2012
The true test of this year's GA is what our congregations in every state do five years from now.
By Peter Morales 5.7.12

Practice religious hospitality
Simply smiling and saying hello to visitors would transform our congregations.
By Peter Morales 2.6.12

Unitarian Universalists must learn to cross borders
Our challenge is to learn to reach beyond the confines of our personal social and cultural experience.
By Peter Morales 12.5.11

Hand in hand, Fall 2011
We must do three things: get religion, grow leaders, and cross borders.
By Peter Morales 8.15.11

Everything changes, and we must, too
Central to our faith tradition is our willingness to leave behind what no longer serves us.
By Peter Morales 5.2.11

We must get better at communicating
Our relationships are created and sustained by our communication.
By Peter Morales 2.15.11

Hand in hand, Winter 2010
Our connections in Guatemala, Arizona, Japan, the Philippines.
By Peter Morales 11.1.10

Service is our prayer
When we serve we become more compassionate, more sensitive, more understanding, and more aware.
By Peter Morales 9.27.10

The new America
America is in the midst of a historic demographic shift.
By Peter Morales 5.15.10

The 'it' church
If we 'get religion' we will thrive. If we don't, we will decline.
By Peter Morales 5.3.10

What moves you?
We only find ourselves when we lose ourselves in service to something that transcends us.
By Peter Morales 12.28.09