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The story of Ephraim Nute

New book chronicles life of frontier Unitarian minister.
By Sonja L. Cohen
Spring 2011 2.15.11

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The Incredible Story of Ephraim Nute: Scandal, Bloodshed and Unitarianism on the American Frontier. Bobbie Groth. Skinner House, 2011; $16.

This dynamically titled new biography, written by the subject’s great-great-granddaughter, follows the life of the Rev. Ephraim Nute Jr., a Unitarian minister from New England who made a name for himself as an abolitionist missionary in the Kansas Territory in the 1850s.

Though an obscure figure now, in his day Nute was imprisoned, shot at, and once nearly lynched—and his exploits were widely reported in the press. This book lets readers acquaint themselves with one of Unitarianism’s forgotten champions.

The author, the Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth, is a Unitarian Universalist community minister and an assistant professor of sociology at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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