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How do you use social media as part of your religious life?
By Sonja L. Cohen
Fall 2013 8.15.13

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Social media icons on a mobile device. (© winhorse/iStockphoto)

UU World asked: How do you use social media as part of your religious life?

Alex Haider-Winnett, a member of First Unitarian Church of Oakland, California, wrote, “As part of my spiritual practice, I like to check-in on Facebook when I get to church. I will often make a small summary of the service theme and tag people who I see are present. It serves as a reminder of the service later on as well as recognizing the larger community I am part of. As more of my friends have started doing it, too, I can look over the news feed at the end of the day and see the diverse worship communities we are in association with all over the country.”

The Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, interim minister of Eliot Unitarian Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri, wrote: “Every morning, within five minutes of waking, I tweet what I call a ‘morning prayer’ @revglenrose. As a visual person, Pinterest feeds my soul in ways that no words can do. I also use Facebook messaging for pastoral care, particularly with younger adult congregants. In a large church setting, this is sometimes the only way I’ll ‘know’ a congregant at the outset. It has proved in many cases to be very meaningful.”

UU World also asked people at the 2013 UUA General Assembly about their social media use:

How do social media enhance your religious life? from UU World on Vimeo.

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This article appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of UU World (page 51). See sidebar for links to related resources.

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