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Jefferson Unitarian Church has expanded three times

Colorado church's additions make space for a growing congregation.
By Jane Greer
Spring 2011 2.15.11

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Jefferson Unitarian Church (Martin Voelker)

A young UU introduced a musical written by member David Burrows that was performed by the youth and children’s choirs at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado. (Martin Voelker)

Throughout its fifty-two year history, the 760-member Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado, has barely had enough space to accommodate its meteoric growth. In 1959, the new congregation bought an old Presbyterian church in downtown Golden but quickly outgrew it. In 1968, it entered into an arrangement to share facilities with the United Church of the Applewoods and in 1973 took over the property, its current home. Since the building’s original construction in the late 1950s, three additions have been made, the most recent in 2005, which created additional classroom and office space and a new chapel.

“We are enjoying the increased space we gained from the 2005 remodeling,” said Dee Ray, a longtime member, “although our growth almost outpaced the space before the remodeling was complete. We have two services every Sunday and typically each is full almost to capacity.”

The round sanctuary, which has red brick walls and windows on three sides, seats 300. Additional light is admitted through a cupola-like structure on the roof, which is supported by wood beams stretching to the edges of the ceiling. In this photo, a young UU introduces a musical written by member David Burrows that will be performed by the youth and children’s choirs.

The chancel consists of a raised stage with a large white freestanding wall at the back. “This wall serves as a blank canvas that is decorated each Sunday with different hangings, flower arrangement on stands, greenery, or some decoration specific to the season or holiday,” Ray said.

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