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Texas (map © Jamie Farrant/iStockphoto; illustration © Kathy Todd)

Zip code: 78521

All Souls UU Church, Brownsville, Texas.
By Christopher L. Walton
Spring 2012 2.15.12

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Founded: 1948
Members: 5
Closest neighboring UU congregation: 54 miles
Metropolitan area population: 396,371*
Rank among UU congregations in proximity to the Mexican border1
Distance from Mexican border: 3 miles
Number of U.S. congregations within 50 miles of Mexico: 11 (4 in California, 3 in Arizona, 1 in New Mexico, 3 in Texas)

* U.S. Census population estimate for Cameron County, Texas, 2009; the transnational Brownsville-Matamoros (Mexico) Metropolitan Area has a combined population of 1,136,995, and is the fourth largest metropolitan area along the U.S.-Mexican border. Map by Jamie Farrant/iStockphoto; illustration by Kathy Todd.

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