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Linus the Vegetarian T.Rex illustration (Robert Neubecker)

Book to note: 'Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex'

A girl who love dinosaurs meets a Tyrannosaurus Rex who defies expectations.
By Sonja L. Cohen
Spring 2014

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Linus the Vegetarian T.-Rex. Robert Neubecker. Beach Lane Books, 2013; $16.99.

In this delightful picture book written and illustrated by Robert Neubecker, Ruth Ann, a girl who loves museums and knows a lot about dinosaurs, meets Linus, a Tyrannosaurus Rex who defies her expectations. (Though it doesn’t come up in the book, on his blog Neubecker said Linus is “a Unitarian Universalist, so he’s open minded.”)

Neubecker is an award-winning illustrator and children’s book author whose work regularly appears in UU World, as well as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Slate.

This article appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of UU World (page 16). Illustration above by Robert Neubecker; courtesy of Beach Lane Books. See sidebar for links to related resources.

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