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By Sonja L. Cohen
Spring 2008 2.15.08

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Delegates to the 2007 General Assembly passed a resolution encouraging their congregations and the UUA “to uncover our links and complicity with the genocide of native peoples; with slavery and the slave-based economy; and with all types of racial, ethnic, and cultural oppression, past and present, toward the goal of accountability through acknowledgment, apology, repair, and reconciliation.” They invited reports at the 2008 and 2009 General Assemblies.

A UUA task force is developing resources and tools for congregations to use and is researching the UUA and its predecessor organizations’ history. Watch for a report this spring at UUA.org. The task force will offer a workshop at the 2008 General Assembly.

The UU antiracism organization Allies for Racial Equity is supporting congregations involved in sundown towns research. Learn more at uuallies.org.

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