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UU-UNO funds African AIDS orphans

Program funds school in Ghana for children who lost parents to AIDS.
By Donald E. Skinner
Winter 2005 11.1.05

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Forty orphaned children in the Eastern Province of Ghana started school this past fall, funded by a new project of the UU United Nations Office called Every Child Is Our Child. In the community of Agormanya older women known as Queen Mothers have been caring for the children, who have lost one or both parents to AIDS, but they lack the resources to send them to school.

UUs across North America have donated more than $8,500 to the project, making it possible for these children to begin school, said Jim Nelson, UU-UNO executive director. The agency’s goal is to support 1,200 students eventually. A contribution of US$60 or Can$80 will pay for school fees and health insurance for one child for one year.

Nelson encourages congregations to organize a UN Sunday to raise funds for the Every Child Is Our Child project.

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