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Reston banners destroyed twice

Vandals destroyed 'Civil Marriage is a Civil Right' banners.
By Staff Writer
May/June 2005 5.1.05

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Twice in the last three months vandals have destroyed “Civil Marriage is a Civil Right" banners at the UU Church in Reston, Virginia. The first banner, erected last October in front of the church, was slashed in February. When a bigger sign was put up it was burned in early March and the fire department was called to put out the resulting small brush fire. The church building was undamaged.

The Rev. Sydney Wilde, cominister at Reston, said that police were notified both times and that there were newspaper articles about the vandalism and an editorial in support of free speech."Some of our people are pretty scared though, especially because of the fire, but to us this sign is a religious statement."

Wilde said the Northern Virginia Ethical Society paid for the second sign. A third sign went up in March and was to stay up until Easter.

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