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Photographs of the final days of a man's life.
By Kenneth Sutton And Damon Brandt
Summer 2008 5.15.08

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Man in hospice, with child (Damon Brandt)

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Untitled. © 2002 by Damon Brandt

Damon Brandt took a series of photographs over a ten-day period at the Cabrini Hospice, New York, in 2002. They will appear, he writes, in “Hospice, a self-published book that records, through a simple text and narrative sequence of photographs, the final days of a man’s life. At times alone but more often with family, friends, or hospice staff, we are witness to his passing as well as to the compassion of those who care for and love him.”

The book, designed by Damon Brandt and Shanan Kurtz (a graphic designer living in Toronto), features twenty-three photographs and a preface written by the Rev. Dr. Forrest Church, minister of public theology at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City. It is available from Salt Mine Projects, info@saltmineprojects.net.

See sidebar for links to two photographs from "Hospice."

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