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El sueño final (The final dream)

El sueño final (The final dream)

Laurel Garcia Colvin creates dreamlike images using underwater photography.
By Laurel Garcia Colvin And Kenneth Sutton
May/June 2005 5.1.05

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The works in Laurel Garcia Colvin's series Viajes del Agua--Viajes del Alma (Water Journeys--Soul Journeys) "use the evocative nature of water as a visual metaphor for the fluidity of time, the journeys of one's life, and what lies beneath the surface of our lives." Using digital and scanned 35mm underwater photographs and drawings, she creates "dreamlike images that are further developed using pastels and encaustic paint." El Sueño Final, she says, gives vision to a stanza in Pablo Neruda's "Desconocidos en la Orilla" ("Strangers on the Shore"):

And so I have to learn
to swim inside my dreams
in case the sea should come
and visit me in my sleep.

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