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Who are you?

Do not be afraid of self-examination.
By Stephen Perrault
Spring 2010 2.15.10

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If someone asked you who you are, what would you say? Not as simple a question as it may seem: You may state your name first. What would come next? Your ethnic or cultural background? Next? Your occupation? Next? Your relationship status? Next? A faith association? Next? Aspects of your personality or favorite activities?

One simple question can illuminate how literate we are about ourselves. If we have an answer, it indicates what we identify with. Our identity, our individuality, however, is illusive. We live in a culture of conformity. To know ourselves we must engage ourselves. We must ask questions.

If you have faith in a particular theology or set of convictions, ask yourself how you came to these beliefs, and why you still hold them. Upbringing? Group identity? Comfort?

Peel away the layers of the onion even further and come to an understanding of what the word belief means to you. Loyalty? Devotion? Security?

Do not be afraid of self-examination. This is the gate to self-revelation.

We arrive in life in mystery and when we depart this life, we disappear into mystery. In every age, human beings choose to react to life by trying to solve it.

If your religion isn’t helping you to know yourself, it isn’t helping you to know your God.

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