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Visual Music (Beth Kingsley Hawkins)

Visual music

Capturing the music of the slot canyons of the Southwest.
By Beth Kingsley Hawkins And Kenneth Sutton
Fall 2010 9.1.10

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Visual Music. ©1995 by Beth Kingsley Hawkins. Nikon 8008 SLR camera with Fujichrome Velvia film on a Gitzo Mountaineer Tripod with 300 mm. lens and 15-second exposure, shooting at ISO 40.

“The mysterious ‘slot’ canyons of the Southwest,” says Beth Kingsley Hawkins, “are cave-like formations with narrow openings to the sky above. When the sun is highest overhead, the light illuminates the mica in the sandstone, creating a glow of rainbow colors inside. When that happens, this ancient dance of stone and water becomes the shape and flow and colors of music. This is a little bit of heaven for me as a music psychotherapist. I became a nature photographer as a result of experiencing the wonder there.”

Hawkins used her slot canyon images to illustrate the soul’s journey for lay sermons on the theme of “Valuing the Quest: A UU Core Value” at the Sedona and Prescott, Arizona, UU Fellowships. See more of Hawkins’s work at hummerlady.com.

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