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We give thanks for the voyage of life from seed to harvest.
By Carol Bindel
Winter 2012 11.1.12

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harvest (© 2012 Patrick Heagney/iStockphoto)

(© 2012 Patrick Heagney/iStockphoto)

We pause to give thanks

For the voyage of life from seed to harvest; the kiss
of rain and sun and growth; the gifts of the earth given
into the hands of strangers, friends, and family
whose efforts now bring such bounty to this table.

Thanks for the soft animal body that carries each life
here present, so sturdy and so fragile;
thanks and praise for fellowship, and for the lives
of those whose essence lingers among us;
thanks for the complex ways we each continue to seek
and find our place, unique like everyone else.

Lead us to the gift of regular silence until it silences us;
bring us to choose gratitude until we are truly grateful;
fill us with praise until we ourselves become
a constant act of praise.

So we give thanks for all things, including joys
and sorrows deeply felt but left, here, unspoken.

This article appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of UU World (page 22). See sidebar for links to related resources.

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