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Dreamer #1

Dreamer #1

Nineteenth-century technique gives photo dreamlike quality.
By Elaine Croce-Happnie And Kenneth Sutton
Summer 2006 5.15.06

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Dreamer #1. © by Elaine Croce-Happnie. Van Dyke photo print with watercolor. 11 inches x 14 inches.

The two young women in Elaine Croce-Happnie’s photograph were caught in this moment in front of the church where the photographer is a member, First Parish in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The artist uses a printing technique developed in the late nineteenth century and special paper that allows her to add watercolor to the image, creating a dreamy quality. Her work has been exhibited in Boston, New York, and Madrid, where the government commissioned her to photograph “the elegance of Madrid” to promote Spanish tourism.

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