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Tower of Peace

Tower of peace

A sculptor responds to 9/11.
By Naoma Powell And Kenneth Sutton
Fall 2006 8.15.06

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Tower of Peace. © 2001 by Naoma Powell. Clay. 27 inches.

Invited to share a response to the events of September 11, 2001, Naoma Powell turned for inspiration to a poem, “Tower of Peace,” which she had written several years earlier.

Would we have peace?
A single seed
effects eternity
Propagates in soil laid waste,
Defies the bonds of earth enclosing,
Splits the boulder, moves the stone. . . .

The full poem is engraved on the central tower of the sculpture. Powell says, “The surrounding human tower expresses people of diversity reaching toward the common goal of peace. Striving toward peace is the only answer I know for meeting conflict.”

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