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Shifting Gears

by Mary Wellemeyer

There's this feeling of being late, of
Rushing in from work and driving,
Fresh from the traffic on the Interstate.
Now poised to join in a gathering
Already started,
Standing outside the door,
Shedding coat and hat and gloves,
Breathing carefully to slow the rushing,
It seems I stand on an alien planet.
When I open the door,
A blast of calm smacks me hard.
I enter the room on tiptoe.
I feel the highway energy
Jangling through my body,
Already beginning to slide away
As I smile and sit down.
This planet. This room. These friends.
There is more to arriving
Than getting the body into place.

From Admire the Moon: Meditations (Skinner House Books), copyright 2004 by Mary Wellemeyer. Reprinted by permission.

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