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 Cover, January/February 2005 UU World features  MARCH/APRIL 2005· VOL XIX NO 2

Whatever happened to We?
Our most deeply held personal values take shape in the world through involvement in communities-which in today's world are often organizations rather than places. /BY DOUGLAS K. SMITH

The microedit revolution
How small loans to people in poverty are empowering women and transforming local economies around the world. /BY DOROTHY MAY EMERSON

Modeling the simple life
An interview with Carol Holst, director of Seeds of Simplicity, reveals how her voluntary simplicity expresses her Unitarian Universalist principles. /BY TOM STITES


Encounter. Neighbors in the urban wild /BY LISA COUTURIER
Creations. The green man season /BY RICHARD REDD
Scripture. Sweet vision /BY MIRABAI
Meditation. Imagination needed /BY MEG RILEY
Creations. Tea with lemon /BY PAT MCEVOY
Transitions. Midlife spirituality /BY MARILYN SEWELL
Inside out. Cartoon /BY CHARLES BARSOTTI
Testimony. Religious voices in the news /BY JOHN A. RAKESTRAW JR.

Opening Words.
From the Editor. Our chosen communities/BY TOM STITES
Our Calling. Real moral values/BY REV. WILLIAM G. SINKFORD

Forum. Greening liberal religious communities/BY DAVID COCKRELL
Bookshelf. Speculation and revelation /BY WIILLIAM SHETTERLY
Congregational Life. Clusters maximize resources, fellowship/BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Looking Back.William Ellery Channing's public faith/BY JACK MENDELSOHN

uu news
Tsunami victims receive UU aid
     Trauma ministry helps clergy handle tragedy
 New vision for youth
Living the Faith.
    UU martyr's life documented in new film
    UU awarded MacArthur 'genius grant'
    Minister fired for same-sex marriage stance
    UU calls attention to Hmong issues
In the Congregations.
     Photo exhibit captures spirit of first principle
     Georgia protestors find welcome
     New media campaign for Houston
Political Action.
     Medicaid at risk for vulnerable populations
Sheltering Our Faith. New construction for UU churches
Three UUA officers to be elected

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