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Energy and Ethics
Climatologists agree Earth is heating up, but many Americans have not confronted the ethical challenges of global warming: Our way of life endangers millions of people. /BY JON LUOMA

Why I Go To General Assembly
It’s the cure for “denominational shallowness.” /BY GREG HINES

Ministry Behind Bars
The message of inherent worth and dignity speaks to inmates as UU pen pals and chaplains reach out./BY WARREN R. ROSS


Affirmation. This little life of mine
Encounter. Kindness and hope
Meditation. Bubbles of earth
Worship. Beltaine (May 1)
Testimony. Creations. Inside Out.

Opening Words.
From the Editor. UU World announces changes in frequency /BY TOM STITES
Our Calling. Is the UU glass half full or half empty? /BY REV. WILLIAM G. SINKFORD

Forum. Exercise as spiritual play /BY LISA WATTS
Bookshelf. Making sense of the conservative worldview/BY DOUG MUDER
Bookshelf. Notable Recordings /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON
Bookshelf. Interview: Paul Kendrick's ambitious first book /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON
Congregational Life. Raising money through home hospitality /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
What in the World? Global warming, prison ministry, and metaphors /BY JANE GREER
Looking Back. Hosea Ballou’s Universalist manifesto /BY CHARLES HOWE

uu news
Valentine campaign in California
UU evangelism fosters new church growth

Living the Faith.
     Wilderness chaplain wears a uniform
Interconnected Web.
     Podcasting helps spread UU message
     Unitarian Universalist tsunami donations exceed $1.5 million
     Latin American UUs assemble to form AUULA
In the Congregations.
 South Carolina kids honor MLK
     Fellowship named for Goodloe
     Reston banners destroyed twice
     Large churches meet in Boston
     Financial advisor Ladd departs 
Political Action.
     Sex ed comes under fire in Washington
UUA Elections.
     Candidates in General Assembly races

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