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Julia Angley

Julia Angley is a senior Writing Seminars major at Johns Hopkins University and a summer intern at UU World. She is the former business manager for the UUA General Assembly Youth Caucus and a member of First Parish Church Unitarian Universalist in Duxbury, Massachusetts.


Spiritual landmark, Spring 2012
Fellowship's lighthouse motif evokes 'free and responsible search for truth and meaning.'
By Julia Angley 4.23.12

Sheltering the faith, Spring 2012
Brief news items about congregational building programs.
By Julia Angley 2.15.12

Congregational news, Spring 2012
Brief congregational news items from the Spring 2012 issue.
By Julia Angley 2.15.12

Spiritual landmark: A towering stronghold
Beverly, Illinois, Unitarian Universalists worship in a castle.
By Julia Angley 11.14.11

Marilyn Sewell's next calling
Retired minister talks about her calling, her life, and the documentary film about her.
By Julia Angley 10.3.11

Mixed media: Unity
Celebrating natural, wild forms.
By Claire B. Clements and Julia Angley 9.26.11

Campus ministries reopen as students head back to school
College groups diversify offerings with OWL, social justice, and programs for older students.
By Julia Angley 9.19.11

Sculpture: A reliquary of wood
Honoring the native hardwoods of Arkansas.
By Doug Stowe and Julia Angley 8.29.11

UUs raise funds for Filipino church
An American minister, filmmaker, and swimmer pool their talents for the UU Church of the Philippines.
By Julia Angley 8.22.11

Sheltering the faith, Fall 2011
Brief news items about congregational building programs.
By Julia Angley 8.15.11

Congregational news: Fall 2011
Brief congregational news items from the Fall 2011 issue.
By Donald E. Skinner and Julia Angley 8.15.11

Disaster hits three congregations
Storms and fire struck UU congregations in Alabama, Massachusetts, and Maine.
By Julia Angley and Michelle Bates Deakin and Donald E. Skinner 8.15.11

Massachusetts church goes Hollywood
First Parish in Brookline, Mass., to star in upcoming Adam Sandler film.
By Julia Angley 7.25.11

Justice work earns award for Minnesota church
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester, Minn., receives UUA’s Bennett Award.
By Julia Angley 6.20.11

Fire devastates Maine church
UUA’s Northern New England District sets up relief fund for 125-year-old church.
By Julia Angley 6.10.11