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Five years of 9/11 articles

Selections from UU World's archives, 2001-2006.
By Christopher L. Walton

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UU World covered the attacks of September 11, 2001, from many angles. To mark the fifth anniversary of the attacks and the far-reaching cultural changes that have followed in their wake, we offer a selection of essays related to 9/11 from the magazine's archives.

Among them are essays by Amnesty International USA executive director William F. Schulz, civil liberties champion Wendy Kaminer, and conflict resolution scholar John Paul Lederach; articles about Unitarian Universalists' complex relationship to the military; and, of course, articles from our special issue on the realities of life with terrorism, published in response to 9/11.


Special Issue: Living with Terrorism

Unshakable foundations: What endures in a time of terror
Galen Guengerich, January/February 2002

Confronting evil: Has terrorism shaken our religious principles?
Warren R. Ross, January/February 2002

Breaking the cycle of violence: Advice from a seasoned peacemaker
John Paul Lederach, January/February 2002

Pacifists and pragmatists: UU divisions in times of war
John Buehrens, January/February 2002

Opening our hearts: Unitarian Universalist congregations and volunteers respond to 9/11
Donald E. Skinner, January/February 2002

'Hell on Earth': Ministers bring a blessing to Ground Zero
Donald E. Skinner, January/February 2002

We remember: Eleven UUs died in 9/11 attacks
Donald E. Skinner, January/February 2002

Houses of hope: Sanctuaries in cities shaken by terror
Donald E. Skinner, January/February 2002

Postcard from Brooklyn: One minister's 9/11
W. Frederick Wooden, January/February 2002

'The good we can do': Unitarian Universalist responses from around the world
Donald E. Skinner, January/February 2002

An urgent encounter with Islam
Rosemary Bray McNatt, January/February 2002

Unitarian and Universalist roots of the American Red Cross
Christopher L. Walton, January/February 2002

Against vengeance
Rebecca Ann Parker, September/October 2002

Congregations commit to civil liberties
Donald E. Skinner, November/December 2002


Fear of freedom: Many Americans see liberty as terrorism's accomplice
Wendy Kaminer, January/February 2003

We need more patriots: Nationalism threatens the true meaning of American patriotism Forrest Church, January/February 2003

Religious dialogue in a divided world
Christopher L. Walton, January/February 2003

Embattled faith: Is there a Unitarian Universalist approach to war and peace?
Neil Shister, July/August 2003

The reclamation of liberalism
John Weston, September/October 2003

Human rights and the evil of terrorism
William F. Schulz, January/February 2004

The fear patrol: Insights on the cultural and personal sources of fear
Neil Shister, September/October 2004


Preventing nuclear terrorism
Guy Quinlan, January/February 2005

Small acts of engagement: Joseph S. Nye praises the 'soft power' of persuasion
Michelle Bates Deakin, January/February 2005

American myths reconsidered: Five years after 9/11
W. Frederick Wooden, Fall 2006

Secularism and tolerance after 9/11
Doug Muder, Fall 2006

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