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'uuworld.org' wins best-of-industry award

Web marketing group names 'uuworld.org' best faith-based campaign of the year.
By Tom Stites

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The Web Marketing Association has named uuworld.org the Best Faith-based Online Campaign in the 2006 Internet Advertising Competition.

The best-of-industry award is the first won by the weekly Internet magazine, which was launched only eight months ago by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. Founded with the goal of making high-quality journalism reflecting Unitarian Universalist interests and values available to people everywhere, uuworld.org is the partner publication of the print quarterly UU World, which members of UUA congregations receive.

“We’re journalists, but we’re pleased to be recognized for the way our work ‘markets’ Unitarian Universalism,” said Christopher L. Walton, editor of uuworld.org. “The magazine’s journalism brings UU voices and news to readers who may be sympathetic but haven’t had a chance to get to know Unitarian Universalists or their congregations.”

The award recognizes Walton, managing editor Kenneth Sutton, and former technical manager Kathy Todd, along with Matrix Group International, which helped design the site and nominated it for the award. The Internet Advertising Competition judges entries for their creativity, innovation, design, copywriting, use of medium, memorability, and impact.

The Web Marketing Association is a trade group comprising “marketing, advertising, public relations, and design professionals who share an interest for improving the quality of advertising, marketing, and promotion used to attract visitors to corporate Web sites.”

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