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Tom Stites

Tom Stites was the editor of  UU World from 1997 to 2006 and retired as its publisher in 2007. He is a member of the First Religious Society of Newburyport, Massachusetts.


General Assembly report: At 50, UUA readies for changes
General Assembly endorses major changes on UUA's 50th anniversary.
By Tom Stites 8.15.11

Sitting between the extremes
Why a journalist writes haiku.
By Tom Stites 10.29.07

Four haiku
Natural moments in seventeen syllables.
By Tom Stites 10.29.07

Environment and diversity themes of 2007 General Assembly
Report on the Unitarian Universalist Association's 2007 annual meeting.
By Christopher L. Walton and Tom Stites 8.10.07

Midweek church nights build spirit
Dinner, programs, and worship for all ages bring people together on weeknights.
By Tom Stites 7.30.07

General Assembly asserts UU moral values
In Portland, UUA's annual meeting recalls Pentagon Papers, urges opposition to torture and Iraq war, affirms transgender people.
By Christopher L. Walton and Tom Stites 7.2.07

UUA board approves two affiliates
At post-GA meeting, board discusses controversial new criteria for independent affiliate organizations.
By Tom Stites 6.29.07

UUA board cuts funds to seminaries
Board approves plan to develop new approach to supporting theological education.
By Tom Stites 6.22.07

Churches take steps toward diverse, multicultural future
Congregations respond to the General Assembly's challenge to examine race and class, embracing a multicultural future.
By Donald E. Skinner and Tom Stites 6.11.07

Freedom to Marry group honors Unitarian Universalists
Three Massachusetts congregations honored for gay marriage advocacy.
By Tom Stites 2.16.07

From the editor, Fall 2006
Major staff transitions.
By Tom Stites 8.15.06

General Assembly 2006
Environmental issues dominate the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalist leaders.
By Tom Stites 8.14.06

Sculpture: In praise of lesser gods
Flawed but beautiful, like us.
By Don Cheek and Tom Stites 5.29.06

From the editor Summer 2006
Web magazine wins award; changes in the masthead.
By Tom Stites 5.15.06

UUA Board moves toward new governance model
Gradual process involves adapting Carver Policy Governance model; Board also approves new health care plan.
By Tom Stites 4.28.06

UUA wins web marketing award for magazine
Web marketing group names 'uuworld.org' best faith-based campaign of the year.
By Tom Stites 4.14.06

Church groups organize in more states for marriage equality
Unitarian Universalists flex new political muscle lobbying for marriage equality.
By Jane Greer and Tom Stites 2.20.06

Record giving for disaster victims
Tsunami, hurricane, flooding, and earthquake relief.
By Jane Greer and Tom Stites 2.15.06

From the editor, Spring 2006
How we find our writers.
By Tom Stites 2.15.06

Report examines racism, youth at 2005 General Assembly
Commission offers timeline and recommendations after tense interactions at UUA annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.
By Tom Stites and Christopher L. Walton 2.6.06

Unitarian Universalist Association opposes Alito's confirmation
Opposition rooted in 2004 General Assembly resolution on civil liberties.
By Tom Stites 12.12.05

Philip Simmons's wisdom
A documentary follows contributing editor Philip Simmons through his final months.
By Tom Stites 11.28.05

Two books see fascism in America
Davidson Loehr and Charles Derber see fascism in contemporary American politics.
By Tom Stites 11.1.05

From the editor, Winter 2005
Here’s to the staff.
By Tom Stites 11.1.05

UUA President calls for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq
Pastoral letter expresses shame at 'our government's involvement with torture.'
By Tom Stites 10.10.05

Unitarian Universalists join antiwar protests in Washington
UU Service Committee 'trial' of top government officials for torture draws hundreds.
By Tom Stites 9.28.05

From the Editor May/June 2005
Magazine to become quarterly; website relaunch
By Tom Stites 5.1.05

Financial advisor Ladd departs
Elected UUA term ends.
By Tom Stites 5.1.05

From the Editor March/April 2005
How thick are the bonds in your church?
By Tom Stites 3.1.05

From the editor January/February 2005
Religious odysseys
By Tom Stites 1.1.05

Healthy stewardship, declining enrollment
2003 financial reports for Unitarian Universalist Association
By Tom Stites 9.1.04

Resources on corporate privilege
Learn more about corporate privilege and ways citizens can work for change.
By Jane Greer and Tom Stites 5.1.03

How corporations became 'persons'
The amazing true story of a legal fiction that undermines American democracy.
By Tom Stites 5.1.03

Staff investigative work turns up lost eulogy
How we found Martin Luther King Jr.'s lost eulogy for a murdered Unitarian Universalist.
By Tom Stites 5.1.01