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Two poems

I watch the trees / as seasons cycle.
By Aytac Aydogan Edwards
Winter 2011

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Frost-covered tree in winter

(AM Radio)

How different we are from trees

With wistful eyes
I watch the trees
as seasons cycle
from spring
to summer
to fall.
Winter’s slow death
is a passageway
to a recurring awakening
every spring.

How different we are
from trees!
With one chance to live
youth’s brief spring
and then,
the joys and sorrows
of the middle years,
to sail
into that oblivion
of no return
as if it were
from a short dream.

Seeking God

We seek God
as if
the vast oceans
and the starry skies,
the soft cooing
of the mourning dove,
and the soothing fold
of nurturing love
are not enough.

Excerpted with permission from Between Two Worlds, ©2011 by Aytaç Aydoğan Edwards (Xlibris, 2011).

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