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Painting - EJ


'Coming out is kind of like being reborn.'
By Kate Gridley
Winter 2013 11.4.13

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© 2013 Kate Gridley. Oil on linen, 30 x 60 inches.

“Coming out and then meeting the queer community is kind of like being reborn. Everybody who comes out of the closet has to relearn how to date, has to relearn how to navigate social situations because it is very, very different. I identify as a soft butch gender-queer gay person who sleeps with women, dates women. It’s all very complicated.”

Excerpt from a personal statement by EJ, the subject of one of seventeen portraits by Kate Gridley from her exhibition, Passing Through: Portraits of Emerging Adults, 17 Oil and Sound Portraits, which the artist described in the Winter 2013 issue of UU World (pages 20-21).

This illustration appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of UU World with Kate Gridley’s essay “Passing through” (pages 20-21). See sidebar for links to related resources.

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