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Afghan Journal
COVER STORY Glimpses of daily life in Afghanistan challenge a reporter's Unitarian Universalist principles, but give a human face to a struggling society. /BY DAVID ZUCCHINO

SIDEBAR Afghan relief and reconstruction have become a priority for many Unitarian Universalists. /BY JANE GREER

Why Dr. King Wasn't a UU
Racism wasn't the only barrier that kept the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from becoming a Unitarian. /BY ROSEMARY BRAY McNATT

Adventures in Fellowship
The fellowship movement transformed the UUA, spreading congregations far and wide. A look back at a bold experiment in growth. /BY WARREN R. ROSS

SIDEBAR Childhood memories of a Unitarian fellowship. /BY JANE RZEPKA


Commentary. Waking up in Budapest. /BY PAUL KENDRICK
Wayside Pulpit. With sleeves rolled up. /BY MAGNUS RATTER
Creations. Family dance. /BY GAY GRIFFIN RISEBOROUGH
Heritage. Mutual indebtedness. /BY JOHN F. HAYWARD
Inside Out. Cartoon. /BY CHARLES BARSOTTI
Encounter. A demanding joy. /BY LEAF SELIGMAN
Scripture. Freedom in service. /EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANS
In Memoriam. Philip Simmons. /BY DAVID REICH
Admonition. Make yourself miserable. /BY FORREST CHURCH
Poem. Late prayer. /BY JANE HIRSHFIELD


Opening Words. Christmas beatitudes. /BY DAVID RHYS WILLIAMS
From the Editor. Changes. /BY TOM STITES
Our Calling. What is our faith worth? /BY PRESIDENT WILLIAM G. SINKFORD
Letters. Refugee strength, the legacy of President West, and other matters. /BY OUR READERS
Bookshelf. Hungry for freedom in times of social change. /BY ROSEMARY BRAY McNATT
Book to Note. The American Creed, by Forrest Church. /BY TOM STITES
Focus on History. New books on our past. /BY CHRISTOPHER L. WALTON
Congregational Life. Committed to civil liberties. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Spiritual Landmark. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mountain Home, Arkansas.
What in the World? Discussion questions. /BY JANE GREER
Looking Back. Edmund Hamilton Sears' Unitarian Christmas carol. /BY KEN SAWYER


Social Justice.
       Minister challenges 'under God' clause
       Tulsa race riot survivors receive second checks
       Bill restores voting rights of ex-felons
       California clergy support right to die

Public Advocacy. From the Washington Office. /BY ROB CAVENAUGH
       New banks help businesses grow
       Prague floods damage historic Palác Unitaria

In the Congregations.
       Brattleboro shooting further investigated
       Road signs and work camps assist Maine churches
       Cape fellowship plans alternative March celebration
       Quincy, Ill., church joins Dogwood Parade

UUs in the News.
       Two young UUs help capture Web site prize
       GA casualty doing well after collapse
       Owen-Towles honored for 24 years of service
       Preservationists halt Meadville expansion

UU Trend. Churches support affordable housing efforts. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Living the Faith. Fargo YMCA recognizes nontraditional families. /BY DONALD E. SKINNER
Milestones. Obituaries for Thomas Edward Ahlburn and Rudolph W. Nemser
Religion News. Government ordained by God? /BY JOHN A. RAKESTRAW JR.

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