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Elevator speeches


UUA President William G. Sinkford writes, “I always encourage people to work on their elevator speech, what you'd say when you're going from the sixth floor to the lobby and somebody asks you, ‘What's a Unitarian Universalist?'” Send your responses for this column to Reflections, UU World , 25 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02108.

Unitarian Universalists search for the universal, person by person, path by path.
  Jill McMullen
  North Shore Unitarian Church
  Deerfield, Illinois

Believing that reason is part of faith; action, the result of prayer; inquiry, part of tradition; knowledge of the past, part of the promise of the future: we gather together to gain strength in diversity and to worship the seen, the unseen, and the generosity of spirit we help into being. And we laugh. A lot.
  Ruth Bragg
  First Parish in Bedford
  Bedford, Massachusetts

It's a blessing each of us was born. It matters what we do with our lives. What each of us knows about God is a piece of the truth. We don't have to do it alone.
  Laila Ibrahim
  First Unitarian Church
  Oakland, California

Unitarian Universalism encourages each of us to understand and apply the teachings of the world's religions to our daily lives, to seek truth, to promote justice, and live in harmony with the world around.
  Bruce Melville
  Southwest Unitarian Universalist Church
  Berea, Ohio

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