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A UU World contributing editor, Kimberly French is a journalist and essayist whose work has appeared in Tikkun, Utne Reader, Salon, and other magazines. She is the author of the book Perkins School for the Blind. She is a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Middleborough, Massachusetts.


Offenders among us
Whether we realize it or not, we likely all know sex abuse victims and offenders. Can we be in community with both?
By Kimberly French 12.1.14

Reforms take aim at clergy misconduct
It is easy to think of clergy misconduct as a Catholic or evangelical problem. It's not.
By Kimberly French 12.1.14

Safe churches need policies and vigilance
'We want congregations to be as proud of being free of sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct as they are welcoming of LGBTQ people.'
By Kimberly French 12.1.14

A moral divide
Can we reconcile moral certainties with Unitarian Universalist Principles?
By Kimberly French 11.3.14

Fly less, for the earth's sake
One mode of transportation causes particular ethical angst among folks concerned about climate change.
By Kimberly French 3.17.14

Our animal contradictions
How Unitarian Universalism can help us sort out our place in the animal world.
By Kimberly French 9.9.13

Resources for exploring your animal contradictions
An annotated guide to books and other resources.
By Kimberly French 9.9.13

Pet ministry: Caring for all creatures
Unitarian Universalists are providing comfort for ill or dying pets and their caregivers.
By Kimberly French 1.14.13

UUA Breakthrough Congregation: First Parish in Bedford, Massachusetts
At First Parish in Bedford, worship is 'holy theater' and anything but stuffy.
By Kimberly French 12.3.12

'Justice for everyone'
Unitarian Universalists in Danbury, Connecticut, help immigrants directly every week.
By Kimberly French 6.11.12

Cynthia Grant Tucker rescues women's voices from archives
'I wanted to give a voice to all of this experience that has generally been disregarded.'
By Kimberly French 4.16.12

For love and justice
Unitarian Universalists mobilize in response to laws that tear families apart and abuse immigrants.
By Kimberly French 3.5.12

Congregations as allies in the fight for immigrant rights
How three Unitarian Universalist congregations are pursuing immigration justice.
By Kimberly French 3.5.12

Mom, four kids, a year of service
Teresa Keller and four kids are spending a year in service around the globe.
By Kimberly French 5.23.11

An abortion hotline that doesn't judge
Inspired by their minister's story, activists at a New York church launch an abortion hotline that offers support without judgment.
By Kimberly French 2.28.11

Natural rapture
Only when we strip away magical thinking can we see the sacred in everything.
By Kimberly French 1.17.11

Unitarian values underscore Elizabeth Gaskell's novels
English novelist Elizabeth Gaskell wrote about social issues and the role of women in society.
By Kimberly French 12.6.10

Margaret Fuller's bicentennial legacy
Reclaiming the legacy of Margaret Fuller, the forgotten intellectual at the heart of the Transcendentalist movement and the first American theorist of women's equality.
By Kimberly French 5.17.10

Sitting, with a good Buddhist novel
Telling stories could be one of the most 'present' things we could do.
By Kimberly French 4.26.10

Buddhist fiction bibliography
A guide to contemporary and classic Buddhist fiction.
By Kimberly French 4.26.10

Events to mark Margaret Fuller’s bicentennial
Dozens of events scheduled nationwide to celebrate the legacy of noted feminist, journalist, and Transcendentalist.
By Kimberly French 3.15.10

A poet's grief
Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno's poetry chronicles her passage through grief after her daughter's murder.
By Kimberly French 11.30.09

The gospel of inclusion
A black Pentecostal bishop embraces Universalism, befriends a Unitarian minister, and shakes up the largest congregation in the UUA.
By Kimberly French 10.5.09

Fifty years after the vote to form the UUA
The Unitarian and Universalist consolidation process continues to this day.
By Kimberly French 9.28.09

John Murray's conversion to Universalism
How an 18th-century Calvinist embraced Universalism and became the first minister of a Universalist church in America.
By Kimberly French 6.29.09

True to my lineage
The Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed's quest for spiritual integration.
By Kimberly French 3.16.09

Adlai Stevenson, the original egghead
The last Unitarian nominated for president of the United States.
By Kimberly French 11.3.08

General Assembly: 'The threshold of a new era'
Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly resounds with calls for liberal leadership.
By Kimberly French 8.18.08

Biggest coffee hour imaginable
First impressions of a first-time General Assembly goer.
By Kimberly French 8.18.08

Ethical Culture's humanist legacy
Unitarianism and Universalism have been liberal religious cousins to the Ethical Culture movement since its founding in 1876. Now an Ethical Society has joined the UUA.
By Kimberly French 8.18.08

The story of the 'Sources' cantata
The 'Sources' cantata by Jason Shelton and Kendyl Gibbons celebrates the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism.
By Kimberly French 5.19.08

Adapting to children's needs for 200 years
How Unitarian and Universalist religious education evolved over two centuries.
By Kimberly French 3.10.08

'Twilight Zone' writer challenged prejudice
Rod Serling, a Unitarian, confronted prejudice with innovative television scripts.
By Kimberly French 11.12.07

Quillen Shinn, Universalist circuit rider
Our Universalist forebears ranged far and wide.
By Kimberly French 10.15.07

Carolyn McDade's spirit of life
Unitarian Universalism's most beloved song, the woman who wrote it, and the communities that sustain her spirit.
By Kimberly French 10.1.07

Thirty years of feminist transformation
The 1977 Women and Religion resolution transformed the Unitarian Universalist Association.
By Kimberly French 6.25.07

America's first cemetery, Unitarian-style
Boston's 175-year-old Mount Auburn Cemetery reflects Unitarian views of death.
By Kimberly French 5.28.07

John S. Dacey, the anxiety pro
Psychologist John Dacey's own struggle with anxiety inspired a career helping others.
By Kimberly French 4.2.07

Help for anxious parents
The world is a dangerous place, but many parents are at risk of overprotecting their children.
By Kimberly French 4.2.07

Parents' top concerns and what you can do
Advice from 'The Safe Child Handbook.'
By Kimberly French 2.15.07

Finding a talisman
I am astonished at how quickly I was jerked from my usual, grounded self into floundering and fearfulness.
By Kimberly French 1.29.07

UU Urban Ministry mourns six deaths
Ministry tries to counter rising tide of violence in Boston.
By Kimberly French 1.26.07

Pilgrims' 400-year legacy
The congregation established by the Pilgrims in 1620 belongs to the Unitarian Universalist Association today.
By Kimberly French 11.20.06

William F. Schulz, human rights champion
The Rev. William F. Schulz looks back on twelve years at Amnesty International.
By Kimberly French 11.1.06

Lewis Latimer, African American inventor and Unitarian
Son of slaves invented key elements of lightbulb.
By Kimberly French 10.30.06

Tombaugh discovered Pluto, co-founded church
At 24, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. He later helped found a Unitarian Universalist church.
By Kimberly French 10.3.05

Boycotts don't always help, but you can
How to harness consumer power against modern slavery.
By Kimberly French 11.1.04

What you and your congregation can do about slavery
Steps you can take to end modern slavery.
By Kimberly French 11.1.04

Modern slavery's bitter harvest
Slavery isn't history—and we're reaping its fruit.
By Kimberly French 11.1.04

Meet today's UU abolitionists
Four Unitarian Universalist groups confront modern slavery.
By Kimberly French 11.1.04

Ward Morehouse, prodemocracy visionary
Ward Morehouse took on Union Carbide after a chemical spill killed 15,000 people in India in 1984. What he learned helped chart a new course for the movement that wants to make corporations accountable to the people.
By Kimberly French 5.1.03

Ellery Schempp stood up for religious minorities
Ellery Schempp's lawsuit ended compulsory Bible readings in public schools.
By Kimberly French 1.1.03

Unitarian Universalists and Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhists
UUA President Dana Greeley and Rissho Kosei-kai founder Nikkyo Niwano's great friendship transcended national identity, culture, and religion.
By Kimberly French 1.1.01