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Universalism in practice
Black lives matter.
By Nancy McDonald Ladd 5.4.15

An unexpected journey
May we remember our power to bless, ourselves, and others.
By Lee Devoe 4.13.15

Grief and weariness
Grief has often worn me out, while restoring me to myself at the same time.
By Mark Belletini 3.2.15

Rise in body or in spirit
Truth be told, I don't think I ever took aging seriously or personally, until recent years.
By William G. Sinkford 3.1.15

Painting: Weight
By Emily Eveleth 3.1.15

Will we accompany immigrants and deportees?
What is the 'gospel' Unitarian Universalists have to share with migrants and deportees?
By Colin Bossen 2.2.15

What can you see from your back porch?
I used to think my grandfather's worldview was limited and small-minded.
By Travis Tennessen 12.29.14

Yellow shirts for climate action
More than 1,500 Unitarian Universalists took part in the People's Climate March.
By Sonja L. Cohen 9.29.14

Zentangle chalices, doodling, and meditation
Meditative doodling as a Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice.
By Cynthia Landrum 9.22.14

Embracing a new universalism
We find our completeness in knowing that we are woven out of each other and the cosmos itself.
By James Ishmael Ford 9.1.14

Poem: Sustenance, body of Earth
I behold this scrap of bread.
By Carol Bindel 8.15.14

Poem: Small bites
No longer greedy / at this magnificent feast.
By Aytac Aydogan Edwards 8.15.14

A kind of mirror
I never considered myself a visual artist, but then, I never expected to have cancer.
By Jonah Eller-Isaacs 8.11.14

Preparing for a hike
Imagine your way through the good route / and also the other route.
By John Mercer 7.21.14

Remembering Pete Seeger
To be honest, I still want to grow up to be like Pete Seeger.
By Dan Schatz 7.14.14

T-shirt evangelism
Wearing my Standing on the Side of Love shirt tells the world, including me, what I stand for.
By Meg Riley 6.16.14

Our visit to Chernobyl
Sabbatical travel allowed us to see history with our own eyes.
By Larry Stritof 6.9.14

Painting: Hal's apple
A 'magickal being' from the artist's Incognito Witch project.
By Mollie Kellogg 6.6.14

Questions of comfort
Where do you find comfort in suffering if you don't believe suffering has a greater purpose?
By Sarah MacLeod 4.14.14

Beyond comprehension
Visiting Auschwitz, the imagination can only handle so much.
By Sonja L. Cohen 3.31.14

Sankofa Ghana: A spiritual journey home
What did I need to retrieve from a visit to the slave ships' point of departure?
By James Gray and Jeff Riedler 3.10.14

As I ebb toward the end of life
Hear / the ocean's roar and backdrop din / in the death-hollowed shells.
By Everett Hoagland 2.24.14

The only time I was called by my first name
When I was in the Army, the Sunday service was the only hour of my week when I could be my true and whole self.
By Kimberly Paquette 11.11.13

The necessity of religion
We need a way to pull everything together and celebrate wholeness.
By Galen Guengerich 11.4.13

Painting: EJ
'Coming out is kind of like being reborn.'
By Kate Gridley 11.4.13

Painting: Meg
Raised Unitarian Universalist, I have 'no problem with things that feel religious.'
By Kate Gridley 11.4.13

Exhibition: Passing through
Paintings part of an exhibition to honor the experiences and voices of young people.
By Kate Gridley 11.4.13

Birth, breath, and death
Doulas are called to care, to encourage, and to leave the world better than we found it.
By Amy Wright Glenn 9.30.13

The power of visual design for UU evangelism
In our multimedia society, an image's worth is probably closer to a million words.
By Jessica Ferguson 9.2.13

Poem Proportions
A mélange of garbage / and triumphant blooms.
By Peg Duthie 8.19.13

Simply listening
I hated candles of joy and concern, until I started listening.
By Lynne Jacoby 8.15.13

Image: Adventure of discovery
Being part of a Unitarian Universalist community means being on an adventure of discovery.
By Jessica Ferguson 8.15.13

I'll stand her ground
What I'm telling my daughter, an African-American teenager, about Trayvon Martin's death.
By Lynn Ungar 8.5.13

Drawing: Pigs
Drawing from a 'weird and highly focused comfort zone.'
By Kaaren Anderson 7.22.13

May you have ease of well-being
Do I really want to spend this entire day with whatever might come up about my mother?
By Kim K. Crawford Harvie 7.22.13

Meditation: Calling, part two
Being in the world who I was created to be.
By Nancy Shaffer 7.1.13

Meaning in the midst of war
Easy answers lead to difficult questions. So why not just start with the questions?
By George Tyger 5.27.13

Installation: Valley UU Congregation, Chandler, Arizona
Wooden panels created by and for the congregation.
By Janice Pittsley 5.15.13

Grief and celebration are interwoven in this world, like winter and spring.
By Gary Kowalski 3.18.13

A humanist's guide to prayer
What would the prayer of a humanist sound like?
By Patricia Montley 2.25.13

Painting: Walking stick memories
The emergence of character over time.
By Claire B. Clements 2.15.13

Poem: Everyday poem
The more I have to lose, all these ordinary joys.
By Roxanne Halpine Ward 2.15.13

Glass sculpture: We are each other's keepers
Symbols of infinity and the interconnected life force.
By Susan Gott and Sonja L. Cohen 2.15.13

Golden hours
Time is the most volatile and elusive element in our lives.
By Jeane Knapp 2.15.13

Poem: Joy
I want to believe it is something more.
By Terri Pahucki 2.15.13

Workshop of being
Where was I to find a liberal religious community in the middle of Kansas farm country?
By Jackie Magnuson Ash 2.11.13

Speaking with many voices
True multiculturalism means being humble and brave enough to explore differences.
By Kathleen Rolenz 1.21.13

Meditation on gratitude
We give thanks for the voyage of life from seed to harvest.
By Carol Bindel 11.22.12

Poem: Continuum
I'll return to that time and space that was my home.
By Ruth McKendree Treen 11.19.12

Painting: Night dance
Rough, improvisational, many-layered.
By Janet Madill 11.1.12

I too am beautiful
Look at the way you see me.
By Kristen L. Harper 10.29.12

Stitching it together
It would be easier to use a blanket, but we ask more of people who enter our churches: We ask them to be quilters.
By Jory Agate 10.22.12

The taste of awakening
On having a spiritual practice.
By James Ishmael Ford 10.15.12

The green after
'When I die, I want to have my ashes buried under this tree.'
By Meg Barnhouse 10.1.12

Sitting and writing
'Small noticings' can lead to larger insights.
By Brenda Miller and Holly J. Hughes 10.1.12

Faith and belief
Sometimes grabbing on to what appears most solid is exactly the wrong thing to do.
By Jackie Clement 9.24.12

A different church
They would embrace me in my full Amazon glory, or they could fry ice.
By Gail R. Geisenhainer 9.10.12

The stars are dancing
Do not sit alone in the dark.
By Om Prakash 9.10.12

Quilt: O Life that maketh all things new
A minister's sabbatical quilting project.
By Jory Agate 8.15.12

Textile: My heart bleeds for you III
Today's refuse, sewn together as 'a Garden of Eden.'
By Merill Comeau 8.15.12

Lessons from love
Our weakest parts help us communicate with others.
By Eliza Blanchard 7.9.12

Sermon bingo
We come to church to hear meaningful words spoken to us.
By Cheryl Gardner 6.4.12

International flower communion, June 10, 2012
Czech Unitarians mark their church's 90th anniversary.
By Petr Dolák Samojský 5.28.12

Seeing what is real
A photographer describes his spiritual practice of "looking for the pattern of things."
By John Benford 5.15.12

Listen from the heart so others can speak from the heart
In Soul to Soul groups, silence can connect us more deeply than using words or questions.
By Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins 5.14.12

Stained glass: Nautilus
'Paradoxically simple in its beauty and complex in its engineering.'
By Nancy Norton 5.7.12

Me, Jewish?
An odyssey into my family's religious past.
By Lenore Hirsch 4.23.12

Poem: April wind
Unburden yourself.
By Kendra Ford 4.23.12

Mixed media: Woods sentinel
Interpreting the visual treasures that surround us.
By Audrey Kay Dowling 4.16.12

Prayers of desperation
My prayers are prayers of desperation lest I wish ill on the merely irritating.
By Cathleen Deery 4.2.12

Wandering in the wilderness
Personal feelings of being in the wilderness can help us tap into a collective force that evidences grace.
By Leaf Seligman 3.19.12

Painting: 57th and Broadway at 5:00 pm
The challenge of not relying on recognizable subject matter.
By Marion Jones 2.27.12

Two poems
I watch the trees / as seasons cycle.
By Aytac Aydogan Edwards 1.23.12

As the crow flies
I aspire to live as the crow flies.
By Elizabeth Tarbox 1.9.12

Painting: Snowy bank
A rare storm offers a new scene.
By Robert Clements 1.9.12

Poem: The day after
The tree alone directing us / To peaceful paths / With its symbolic star.
By Ralph Blanchard 12.26.11

Winter solstice and the shaman within
It is we ourselves who must don the shaman's mask.
By Patricia Montley 12.19.11

How to give a blessing
I didn't mean to give an honest answer when asked, 'How are you?'
By Kathleen McTigue 11.28.11

Are you a wretch?
Not every religious tradition asks you to choose your theological stance midway through a hymn.
By Victoria Safford 11.21.11

Loving birds
Modern life interferes with the lessons and warnings of Nature.
By Mike Foster 11.7.11

How Unitarian Universalists break the rules
Rule breaking just might be right up our alley.
By Jane Rzepka 9.26.11

Mixed media: Unity
Celebrating natural, wild forms.
By Claire B. Clements and Julia Angley 9.26.11

The koan
The 'I' of me is a snapshot of something in motion.
By James Ishmael Ford 9.12.11

Sculpture: A reliquary of wood
Honoring the native hardwoods of Arkansas.
By Doug Stowe and Julia Angley 8.29.11

Sculpture: Unitarian windows
A collaboration yields a classical form.
By Marlon Davidson and Don Knudson and Kenneth Sutton 7.25.11

Slow making
What if our new metaphor for time was craftsmanship?
By Doug Stowe 7.11.11

Sculpture: 88 notes
A piano is transformed.
By Moria Landa Brown and Kenneth Sutton 7.4.11

My patient's faith
Before I began the operation, my patient asked, 'Could I say a prayer first?'
By Cullen Ruff 6.13.11

Poem: Getting through another loss
This time, I need the words of a prayer.
By Gina Sangster 5.30.11

Sing me to sleep
I wanted things to go back to normal. I wanted none of this to be happening.
By Meg Barnhouse 5.9.11

Poem Attitude adjustment
Multiculturalism? Well and good. But don't stop there!
By Everett Hoagland 4.11.11

The wisdom of the wild
I don't mean misbehavior, but real wildness, elemental wildness, animal wildness.
By Dan Schatz 3.21.11

Grace wins in the end
'I am a sworn enemy of the saccharine, and a believer in grace over karma.'
By Chance Hunter 3.7.11

Painting: Quarry
Brilliant colors and the 'crazy parts of our lives.'
By Micheal Cross Trinity 2.15.11