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Family detention centers pack three mothers, many children to a room
Unitarian Universalists call attention to new detention centers holding hundreds of immigrant families.
By Elaine McArdle 5.8.15 LIFE

Letter from a hoped-for future
What Unitarian Universalism looks like, twenty years from now.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt 3.9.15 LIFE

Grief and weariness
Grief has often worn me out, while restoring me to myself at the same time.
By Mark Belletini 3.2.15 LIFE

N.H. woman sues to breastfeed at work
Unitarian Universalist sues former employer, helps draft law requiring private space to breastfeed children.
By Elaine McArdle 2.2.15 LIFE

Offenders among us
Can we be in community with both sex abuse victims and offenders?
By Kimberly French 12.1.14 LIFE

A tree remembers
A children's book tells Anne Frank's story from the perspective of the tree outside her hiding place.
By Sonja L. Cohen 11.1.14 LIFE

Marriage equality 'is going to last'
After Supreme Court action, same-sex marriage now legal in 32 states.
By Elaine McArdle 10.20.14 LIFE

The soundtrack of childhood cancer
Alastair Moock's songs for his 5-year-old with leukemia now help many other families, too.
By Nicole Sweeney Etter 5.26.14 LIFE

Kairos, engagement, and marriage in Little Rock
What I experienced in the rotunda of an Arkansas courthouse was an ethos of graciousness.
By Jennie Ann Barrington 5.19.14 LIFE

Growing up on Star Island
Looking back on my summers spent at a beloved UU retreat.
By Emma Whitford 4.28.14 LIFE

SUUSI: The other General Assembly
Unitarian Universalists get hooked on SUUSI, a high-energy, thinking-person's family camp.
By Diane Daniel 3.24.14 LIFE

Fellowship days
I remember the truth and the love and the social justice, but also the cartwheels and the donuts.
By Jane Rzepka 3.24.14 LIFE

Breaking on through
Language helps us make meaning of what is happening to us, when it isn’t a barrier.
By Meg Barnhouse 2.3.14 LIFE

Parents of murdered teen raise awareness about dating violence
'Grief is the hard form of caring,' says Malcolm Astley, the father of a murdered teen.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 1.13.14 LIFE

A letter about Santa and God
By telling the truth about Santa, maybe I can better explain what I believe about God.
By Gillie English Bishop 12.2.13 LIFE

Light a candle or two this Thanksgivukkah
Where are you in the stories of the two holidays that just happen to coincide this year?
By Lynn Ungar 11.18.13 LIFE

A lie, or just editing?
How much can you alter a story before it’s not itself any more?
By Meg Barnhouse 11.4.13 LIFE

Birth, breath, and death
Doulas are called to care, to encourage, and to leave the world better than we found it.
By Amy Wright Glenn 9.30.13 LIFE

Choice words
Hands-off parenting gives kids choices they aren't ready to make.
By Marcy Campbell 8.26.13 LIFE

I'll stand her ground
What I'm telling my daughter, an African-American teenager, about Trayvon Martin's death.
By Lynn Ungar 8.5.13 LIFE

May you have ease of well-being
Do I really want to spend this entire day with whatever might come up about my mother?
By Kim K. Crawford Harvie 7.22.13 LIFE

The boys next door
To stop rape culture we need to start by talking to our boys.
By Deb Werrlein 6.24.13 LIFE

'The only place I can really be me'
Summer camps help kids build their Unitarian Universalist identity.
By Nicole Sweeney Etter 5.20.13 LIFE

Kite mother
I kept hoping that one day I would up and be the mother from the greeting card picture.
By Meg Barnhouse 3.4.13 LIFE

What is reproductive justice?
Women need more than a right to choose. Unitarian Universalists are joining a broader movement seeking reproductive justice.
By Darcy Baxter 2.18.13 LIFE

Book to note: 'Mira and the Big Story'
A young girl learns to respect diverse traditions.
By Sonja L. Cohen 2.15.13 LIFE

The lesson of Clive
I am a rock person; my husband is a cloud person.
By Kelly Wigmore 2.11.13 LIFE

Zach Wahls takes on Boy Scouts
UU Eagle Scout Zach Wahls leads the charge to end the ban on gay Scouts.
By Michelle Bates Deakin 11.12.12 LIFE

The gravity of family
All my adult life, I have valued my chosen relationships over the ones I was born into.
By Doug Muder 11.5.12 LIFE

Obama's religious roots
Despite his childhood exposure to Unitarian Universalism, Barack Obama found his religious home elsewhere.
By Thandeka 10.8.12 LIFE

We know we will be safe here
When my husband became my wife, our congregation welcomed us again.
By Diane Daniel 7.16.12 LIFE

Young justice seekers

By Michelle Richards 7.2.12 LIFE

Helping children understand ‘white lies’

By Michelle Richards 6.11.12 LIFE

Summertime sibling rivalry

By Michelle Richards 5.21.12 LIFE

Spiritual connections to the universe for teens

By Michelle Richards 4.30.12 LIFE

Making Earth Day a holy day

By Michelle Richards 4.20.12 LIFE

Don’t know yet

By Michelle Richards 3.26.12 LIFE

Dating rules for Unitarian Universalist teens

By Michelle Richards 3.12.12 LIFE

Enforcing gender stereotypes in the shoe department

By Michelle Richards 2.27.12 LIFE

When parents practice different faiths, stress beliefs not truths

By Michelle Richards 2.13.12 LIFE

A need for prayer

By Michelle Richards 1.30.12 LIFE

At my mother's funeral
Unitarian Universalists are precisely the people who can't believe whatever they want.
By Doug Muder 1.23.12 LIFE

Serving, as families, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By Michelle Richards 1.16.12 LIFE

Forty years of UU sexuality education
Our congregations are recognized leaders in comprehensive sex ed, grounded in UU values.
By Sarah Gibb Millspaugh 1.2.12 LIFE

Bethlehem's hospitality
I'm chagrined to learn that our Christmas pageants have the birth in the stable all wrong.
By Meg Barnhouse 12.19.11 LIFE

Teaching gratitude in a culture of consumerism

By Michelle Richards 11.28.11 LIFE

How to give a blessing
I didn't mean to give an honest answer when asked, 'How are you?'
By Kathleen McTigue 11.28.11 LIFE

Holidays: Time for interfaith dialogue with your parents

By Michelle Richards 11.7.11 LIFE

Pets, children, and the Seven Principles

By Michelle Richards 10.24.11 LIFE

What to do about Columbus?

By Michelle Richards 10.10.11 LIFE

Celebrating John Murray Day

By Michelle Richards 9.26.11 LIFE

Windows and mirrors
I was watching my son through the dim reflection of myself.
By Tom Montgomery Fate 9.19.11 LIFE

The sleepover dilemma

By Michelle Richards 9.12.11 LIFE

Back to school rituals

By Michelle Richards 8.15.11 LIFE

The raucous gardening fairy
So much for a tranquil ten minutes in the garden.
By Tracy Springberry 8.8.11 LIFE

Fourth Principle holiday idea: Ingersoll Day

By Michelle Richards 8.1.11 LIFE

‘Bless you’: Social convention or theological statement?

By Michelle Richards 7.11.11 LIFE

Vacation Bible school for Unitarian Universalist kids?

By Michelle Richards 6.20.11 LIFE

Remembering liberation on Memorial Day

By Michelle Richards 5.30.11 LIFE

Introducing meditation to children and youth

By Michelle Richards 5.9.11 LIFE

Bunnies, eggs, and resurrection

By Michelle Richards 4.18.11 LIFE

Talking with children about horrific news

By Michelle Richards 3.28.11 LIFE

The value of giving up

By Michelle Richards 3.14.11 LIFE

Stories about evil can be good for kids

By Michelle Richards 2.28.11 LIFE

More love is what we need

By Michelle Richards 2.14.11 LIFE

Finding, and shaping, a religious community

By Michelle Richards 1.24.11 LIFE

Preparing children for a world that doesn’t share their values

By Michelle Richards 1.10.11 LIFE

Responding to holiday depression with compassion
She stomped up and down the aisles until she saw her Christmas tree.
By Meg Barnhouse 12.20.10 LIFE

Slowing down when the holidays speed up

By Michelle Richards 12.20.10 LIFE

Celebrating the winter holidays

By Michelle Richards 12.6.10 LIFE

The Christmas tallis
Celebrating the holidays with my interfaith family.
By Diane Cadrain 11.29.10 LIFE

If you want grateful children, be grateful

By Michelle Richards 11.15.10 LIFE

Surviving, without a memorial
Where are the tangible memorials to what survivors have lost?
By Cynthia Orange 11.1.10 LIFE

Raising children who value justice and compassion

By Michelle Richards 11.1.10 LIFE

Tricks and treats: Parenting and costume choices

By Michelle Richards 10.18.10 LIFE

Sudden death
The real sting of death is the thought that all life’s possibilities were supposed to wait until I got around to paying attention.
By Doug Muder 10.18.10 LIFE

My child came home wearing a cross

By Michelle Richards 10.4.10 LIFE

Parenting through grief

By Michelle Richards 9.7.10 LIFE

What my GPS has taught me about parenting

By Michelle Richards 8.23.10 LIFE

Raising resilient nonconformists

By Michelle Richards 8.9.10 LIFE

A reluctant camper

By Michelle Richards 7.12.10 LIFE

Gender stereotypes and raising UU kids

By Michelle Richards 7.6.10 LIFE

Helping children develop a healthy sexuality

By Michelle Richards 6.14.10 LIFE

Parenting as children grow up and choose their own paths

By Michelle Richards 5.17.10 LIFE

Spiritual practices for children and youth

By Michelle Richards 4.26.10 LIFE

The great mystery: Talking about death

By Michelle Richards 4.19.10 LIFE

Standing up and speaking out

By Michelle Richards 4.12.10 LIFE

It’s not easy being UU in middle school

By Michelle Richards 4.5.10 LIFE

What do we do about holidays?

By Michelle Richards 3.29.10 LIFE

Spiritual and ethical growth spurts

By Michelle Richards 3.22.10 LIFE

Hell on the playground

By Michelle Richards 3.15.10 LIFE

Is Unitarian Universalism for kids?

By Michelle Richards 3.8.10 LIFE

Sharing beliefs is not indoctrination

By Michelle Richards 3.1.10 LIFE

Unitarian Universalism must change
We must admit that Unitarian Universalism has a specific, sometimes alienating culture, and we must change it.
By Rosemary Bray McNatt 2.22.10 LIFE

The unique challenges of Unitarian Universalist parenting

By Michelle Richards 2.22.10 LIFE

Welcome to UU World's parenting blog!

By Christopher L. Walton 2.22.10 LIFE

Mary Daly changed my life
I am not sorry that I used to be ‘one of those angry women.’
By Meg Barnhouse 2.15.10 LIFE

Christmas nostalgia for the family we never were
I never rode in a one-horse open sleigh or saw visions of sugarplums dance in my head.
By Doug Muder 12.21.09 LIFE

Chalica, new weeklong UU holiday, slowly gains adherents
One of the seven UU Principles honored each day.
By Donald E. Skinner 12.7.09 LIFE

The DIY spiritual practice
A spiritual practice my wife and I cobbled together.
By Doug Muder 11.16.09 LIFE

From mother to gypsy
Saying goodbye to the home where I raised my children.
By Meg Barnhouse 8.10.09 LIFE

The promised land is under your feet
Communities owe their health to those with the fortitude to stay put.
By Michael Schuler 7.6.09 LIFE

Graduation day
Parenthood makes life serious and challenges you to push past limitations you have accepted too easily. But those issues don't go away when you decide not to have children.
By Doug Muder 5.11.09 LIFE

A little of that human touch
Relationship insights from the Boss.
By Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz 2.2.09 LIFE

The devil and Martha Stewart
Don’t give in to the voice that fuels the fires of perfectionism—especially here at the holidays.
By Meg Barnhouse 12.22.08 LIFE

How to raise a mensch
Cultivating your child's ethical and spiritual growth.
By Debra W. Haffner 9.8.08 LIFE

Letter to a new parent
Your heart will be worn and joyous, wise and beat up, and full of sorrow and amazement.
By Meg Barnhouse 6.30.08 LIFE

The daffodil rescue mission
People say, ‘Bloom where you’re planted,’ but things happen.
By Meg Barnhouse 5.5.08 LIFE

Adapting to children's needs for 200 years
How Unitarian and Universalist religious education evolved over two centuries.
By Kimberly French 3.10.08 LIFE

Home grown Unitarian Universalism
Developing home-based community rituals that root UU adults and children.
By William J. Doherty 3.3.08 LIFE

The War on Drugs' war on families
A documentary film shows the tragic consequences of mandatory minimum sentences.
By Melissa Mummert 1.28.08 LIFE

On the death of a child
Buddhist wisdom honors a brief life.
By James Ishmael Ford 11.1.07 LIFE

The floating life
Going with the flow sounds nice, until the river tries to kill you.
By Meg Barnhouse 9.17.07 LIFE

Documenting the gay marriage revolution
The story of legal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.
By Christopher L. Walton 9.17.07 LIFE

UU minister performs Iowa's first same-sex wedding
Gay couple married by Unitarian Universalist minister.
By Jane Greer 9.7.07 LIFE

Liberal religion and the working class
Unitarian Universalism has a class problem.
By Doug Muder 9.3.07 LIFE

Even secular parents are religious educators
If you don't answer your children's religious questions, someone else will
By Roberta M. Nelson 8.27.07 LIFE

Jesus for UU children
New book offers a Unitarian Universalist view.
By Christopher L. Walton 8.27.07 LIFE

Once and for all
Watching a loved one fade into dementia.
By Kathleen McTigue 8.20.07 LIFE

Excess baggage
Nonmaterialists on vacation.
By Barbara Merritt 7.2.07 LIFE

Fireworks at the wedding
Fireworks and church may not seem to go together, but in my family they do.
By Meg Barnhouse 7.2.07 LIFE

Help for anxious parents
The world is a dangerous place, but many parents are at risk of overprotecting their children.
By Kimberly French 4.2.07 LIFE

Parents' top concerns and what you can do
Advice from 'The Safe Child Handbook.'
By Kimberly French 2.15.07 LIFE

Books address adoption's complications
Clear and honest writing about adopting a child.
By Jane Greer 2.5.07 LIFE

What demythologizers tell their children
Stories are for everyone.
By Susan M. Smith 12.18.06 LIFE

Legally married same-sex couples--two years later
UU gay and lesbian couples reflect on life after Massachusetts marriage ceremonies.
By Donald E. Skinner 6.23.06 LIFE

Book introduces Unitarian Universalism to young children
Full-color illustrations will delight children and adults.
By Christopher L. Walton 5.15.06 LIFE

Learning to raise lifelong UUs
We're not just a religion of exiles.
By Barbara Wells ten Hove 3.27.06 LIFE

What's spiritual about parenting young children?
A passage from Bless This Child.
By Kathleen McTigue 2.27.06 LIFE

Books to honor great occasions
Four new books celebrating life's passages.
By Christopher L. Walton and Kenneth Sutton 2.15.06 LIFE

Three ways husbands express love
A new book surveys men in heterosexual marriages.
By Neil Chethik 2.13.06 LIFE

Winter holiday resources for UU families
Recommendations from the UUA's Lifespan Faith Development staff.
By Staff Writer 11.28.05 LIFE

Creating UU family Christmas rituals
Finding the right mix of family traditions.
By Meg Cox 11.28.05 LIFE

The ceremony of innocence
A ceremony of innocence is a statement of faith and an act of hope.
By Galen Guengerich 1.1.05 LIFE

A new theology of marriage
Religious liberals are poised to take a new look at marriage.
By William J. Doherty 1.1.05 LIFE

Let's take back our time
We work more hours than medieval peasants did.
By William J. Doherty 9.1.04 LIFE

Where is the line between life and death?
How long should someone, unable to live on her own, be kept alive?
By W. Frederick Wooden 9.1.04 LIFE

A mother's bond
Grief and recovery transform the author's relationship with her mother.
By Barbara Hamilton-Holway 5.1.04 LIFE

'Kids as sacred as mine'
Parenting and protesting in an unsaved world.
By Denise Breeden-Ost 3.1.04 LIFE

Rituals for holidays and everyday
Five rituals to try at home.
By Meg Cox 7.1.03 LIFE

Creating rituals with and for children
Celebrate your family's values with your own traditions.
By Meg Cox 7.1.03 LIFE

Sophia Lyon Fahs, revolutionary educator
Starting in 1937, Fahs helped lead a Unitarian religious education revival.
By Christopher L. Walton 3.1.03 LIFE

Are boys getting what they need at church?
When Sunday school isn't boy-friendly.
By Neil Chethik 1.1.03 LIFE

Reclaiming the best of fatherhood
Roundtable discussion with Mary Pipher, William Doherty, and Neil Chethik.
By David Whitford 1.1.01 LIFE

What do sons really need from their dads?
What losing a father teaches men about fatherhood.
By Neil Chethik 1.1.01 LIFE

Tips for more confident fathering
Hands-on fathers help children thrive.
By William J. Doherty 1.1.01 LIFE

What's distinctive about UU relationships?
Unitarian Universalist principles for healty relationships.
By Neil Chethik and Kelly Flood 3.1.99 LIFE

E.J. Graff asks what marriage is for
The author of a history of marriage says the time has come for same-sex marriage.
By Neil Miller 3.1.99 LIFE

Why I don't fly
Figuring out the ethics of long-distance travel is a challenge.
By Dan Harper LIFE

Little books about big stuff
A new series of children's books from the team that produced 'uu&me!' magazine.
By Sonja L. Cohen LIFE

Book to note: 'Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex'
A girl who love dinosaurs meets a Tyrannosaurus Rex who defies expectations.
By Sonja L. Cohen LIFE

Book to note: 'Gobble, gobble'
Award-winning illustrator, a UU, depicts lives of wild turkeys.
By Sonja L. Cohen LIFE

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